How long to allow

There will be a few other people present at the circuit, some of which may wish to drive some of the some cars as yourself. You will take your experience with this group of other drivers, driving your different selected cars in turn, which we have to work out on the day.

After the essential safety briefing, there may or may not be a short waiting time depending upon the availability of your chosen cars. Some cars are more popular than others, in which case we usually have more than 1 on site. Therefore you may have to a short waiting time for certain vehicles, but you can be assured we will get you behind the wheel quickly as possible.

On the day

Upon arrival you will need to sign in and choose your cars. You will then be asked to go up to the safety briefing.

The marshalls and organisers will then call out your name and lead you to your supercar (in the best order).

What to bring and wear

As there may be a short waiting time, where we allow you to mill about, watch etc, you should be prepared for aperiod of time out doors. Given that, please use your best judgement in terms of what to wear, which will depending upon the season and weather. North Weald, circuit is an open flat plain and it can get a little windy.

The best advice is also for drivers to wear footwear that will allow them to best use the pedals, avoiding big boots etc. If you have any questions, as always just call our main site office at North Weald on 01992 525 751. A member of our Customer Services team will me more than ready to assist you.