Introducing the Ferrari F430

The Two Ferrari F430 Supercar at Experience Megastore

Here at Experience Megastore we have access to several Ferrari’s through either our own wholly owned subsidiary operator (Carlimits) or some of the other partners that deliver Ferrari driving experiences for us.

Our own two Ferrari F430s (in berlinetta body styles) are among our favourites, delivering stunning acceleration, pin-point steering and phenomenal handling. A visceral driving experience similar to that of a stripped down track car but with much more power.

The have a top speed of 196mph delivered from a 483 BHP 4.3litre V8, taking the F430 from 0-60 miles per hour in just 4.1 seconds.

Launched in 2004 the F430 came powered with a 4.3 litre V8 from the F136 family of engines, whereas all previous V8 Ferraris had been powered by engines descending from the 1950s Dino racing program.

Improvements like the 20% increase in engine displacement, F1 fuel valves and the E-Diff all delivered huge differences to the driving experience of the F430.

Costing £119,000 as standard with our red and black examples costing nearer £145,000, the car is a popular choice for many and one that no-one regrets making.

Any vehicle requires maintenance, especially a supercar like the Ferrari F430 which needs specialist, diligent and regular servicing to keep her at the pinnacle of performance and safety. Experience Megastore, Carlimits and all the operators we work with take this very seriously and have to keep on hand expert mechanics to not only service the cars but also accompany them to our supercar driving days.

Check out our Supercar Top Trumps Page for a comparison of the F430 with the other cars on our fleet.

You can be rest assured that we are very proud to keep two examples of this classic supercar on our own fleet and take great care to ensure they are both properly maintained properly for our customers enjoyment and safety and to ensure the longevity of the car.