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Seat-of-The-pants Sports Car driving experiences. Just you and the road.

Lotus EliseExperience Megastore sports car Driving experiences are often even more exhilarating Day out that than the experience of driving their bigger brother super cars. 

While our sports car experiences are less costly, they are by no means a less thrilling driving experience.  A sports car is often a highly nimble handling car with stunning acceleration. While not as powerful as a supercar, a sports car driving experience puts you in much closer contact with the road and the sensations of on-the-limit driving.

Experiencers who drive our Porsche or Lotus cars often leave the circuits thinking of ways to put such a car on their driveway to enjoy such a powerful, fun and accessible car.  We offer a Porsche Boxster and Lotus Elise which are notoriously good fun to drive and deliver truly accessible power and handling that can by the gateway to better driving.

We also consider maintenance to be of utmost importance. All our sports cars are meticulously cared for by the  best engineers, with our instructors offering a real insight into the power of these cars.  Try one of our hot lap experiences in the Ariel Atom, Boxster or Elise to decide for yourself.  Our sports car days are a day like no other.

We also cater for juniors and you can be assured your young ones are in the very best hands with the most experienced instructors.

Treat a loved one or colleague with a less expensive but equally exhilarating driving experience and a day out to remember. Call our hot-line today to for more options to make your day at the track as special as can be imagined. 

Lotus Sports Car Driving Experiences

Lotus Elise Taster Experience  
Chance to drive approximately 1 mile in the extremely nimble Lotus Elise. 

Lotus Elise Blast Experience  
Chance to drive approximately 3 miles the extremely nimble Lotus Elise. 

Porsche or Lotus Sports Car DRIVING EXPERIENCES

Sports Car Blast Experience  
Choose your car on the day, either the superb Porsche Boxster S or the thrilling Lotus Elise.


Ariel Atom Passenger Experience
3 x hot laps in our Ariel Atom. Utterly exhilarating

Lotus Elise Hot Lap Taster  
1 amazing passenger miles (approx) in a Lotus Elise

Ariel Atom Passenger Experience
3 x barmy laps in our Ariel Atoms. Strap in tight.

Lotus Elise Hot Lap Blast  
3 very hot miles (approx.)  in one of our Lotus Elises


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