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Sports car, Super car and Lorry DRIVING EXPERIENCE DAYS & gifts.


Ferrari F430 Experience Megastore provide a full range of driving experiences and, to make sure the experiences are as memorable, enjoyable and convenient as possible, run them in the very best locations throughout the UK

Many people want to drive an Italian classic car such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini and, of course, Experience Megastore offer these superb adrenalin filled super car experiences which are like nothing else. 

But we also offer so much more.

Serious seekers of driving experience also enjoy the on-the-limit handling of sports cars such as the Porsche Boxster or the Lotus Elise. While being less powerful, these sports cars show the stripped down feeling of performance driving, where you feel what is really happening at the wheels. 

Then there is the chance to drive a more unusual vehicle such as a Lorry, Monster Truck or the inherent fun of driving a Hover Craft. Of course, we are always adding new driving experiences to our roster, so feel free to check back or sign up to our newsletter to see what's new.

As you would expect, all cars are expertly maintained and our highly experienced drivers and instructors are the best in the business, focused on your safety and your enjoyment. 

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