American Muscle Car Driving Experiences

Selection of American Muscle Car Driving Experiences

A more unusual driving experience day. The American 'Transformer' Muscle Cars



Rarely seen on British roads, the American Muscle Cars continue to this day to relive one of the most exciting periods of motor car manufacturing.

A part of American culture, the Muscle Car embodies the freedom of the open road and brute force power in a not overly romanticised driving experience where all the senses join in a truly enjoyable driving experience.

1960s and 70s American culture was punctuated by the emergence of the muscle car and this was underlined by its appearance in American movies including Steve McQueen classic 'Bullet' and more recently 'Transformers'

Experience Megastore bring to you the opportunity to drive an American movie car and see exactly why these beautiful vehicles remain as popular today across the pond as they ever were.

Drive one of our American Classic muscle cars and you'll wish they were on our roads as well.

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