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Excitement and Adrenalin in our Adventure Experience Days

Adventure experience Days & gifts.


Man enjoying outdoor experience viewsMaybe you want to try something new. Or to take an adventure that maybe we would all like to try at least once. If so, our adventure experiences are intended for all, from regular people to the active among us to the outright brave of heart.

Experience Megastore offer a wide range of exciting adventure activities as either a day out for yourself or as gift vouchers for a loved one, meaning they can be bought as a present or treat.

Adventure experiences are not only a great and often unusual way to spend a day, they are an inherently healthy (and often tiring) day bringing mind, body and soul together.

They work well as a one off, as a team building exercise, a thanks to great staff, a gift for a loved one or even a great opportunity to get to know people better.

These days range from exciting and widely enjoyed bungee jump experiences through to segway riding and hover crafting. And we are adding more adventure to our repertoire all the time.

Our days are some of the most exhilarating life experiences available, made available to all on dry land, high in the sky or in teams to test your skills.  

At Experience Megastore we pride ourselves on offering not only the very best of all the normal experiences you see, such as bungee, but also bringing to you the latest experiences that you may not otherwise get a chance to partake in, such a land yachting or snowboarding.



Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping Experiences


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