Triple Supercar Blast

Drive three supercars. Ferraris and BMW i8.

Drive three Supercars for three miles each

A Triple Supercar Experience : This is your chance to choose and drive three supercars for approximately three miles each on one day, back to back. Driving one real supercar in one day is a petrol head’s dream. Getting behind the wheel of three, back to back, is something only dreams are made of, especially considering you will drive approximately three miles in each.

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Our ‘Triple Supercar Blast’ takes place at a variety of airfields, tracks and circuits across the UK where you can properly investigate a wide plethora of supercar experiences in complete safety.

Choose your Three Supercars from our Fleet

When you arrive at the circuit you will see our fleet of supercars lined up and in full view. You will already be feeling the excitement for the day and instinctively starting to choose which supercars you want to test. 

Choosing  three supercars from our fleet of Lamborghini, Porsche 911, Audi R8, Aston Martin, BMW i8, Lotus Exige, Jaguar F Type R, Nissan GT-R and Ferrari is actually no easy call to make. But whatever three cars you select you can be assured they will be in top mechanical condition, safe and tuned to make your day as safe and satisfying as possible.

Once you have told us which three cars you have plumbed for, you will be asked to sit in on a short safety briefing. This is important and will actually enhance your enjoyment of the day no end.

After this, it’s time to strap in and get ready for you three supercar blast experience of a lifetime. In total you will cover approximately nine miles or laps of out tracks or circuits, improving the turn-in and braking points and pulling out of the corners with increasing expertise.

This experience will leave a smile on your face for weeks.

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Available as a Gift Voucher

The triple supercar experience is also available as a gift for a loved one, meaning they receive a gift voucher to redeem on an experience day held on a convenient date at a nearby circuit.

choose and drive three supercars from our fleet

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Our triple header supercar days offer great value for money and are also enormously enjoyable, making for a memorable day out. They are also however extremely popular and as such availability can be limited. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

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