Supercar Thrill For Two

Silver BMW i8 low angle

Two people or a couple enjoy 6 miles driving a Supercar of their choice

This two person supercar experience makes a great day out for fans of supercars, letting you and a one other person choose one supercar from our extensive fleet and then to drive approximately six track miles in it, that’s six miles each (approx).

Only 149.00

There is no way to discover what the cars are like other than to drive them. You can look at pictures, watch Tiff and Clarkson on TV or chat to salesmen all day.  But, if you want to know what these are like to drive, approximately six miles in your chosen supercar is they way to do it. So, afterwards, the two drivers on this supercar experience leave the race track with real knowledge of what their chosen supercars are truly like to drive on a track, often comparing notes and feedback of the car’s handling and power delivery. 

You and your partner driver may have already discussed and decided what car you want to drive prior to arriving. Or It may be something you decide on the day. And that’s OK, Experience Megastore have great selection of vehicles to choose from in a fleet of highly desirable supercars, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche 911 Turbo, Audi R8s and more.

After you have chosen, you will both be given a safety briefing which will not only help with safety but will also improve your enjoyment of the day. After which, it’s show time; You will introduced to your instructor who will show you the car and the basics and then, you’re off.  

As you drive around the circuit or track you will be guided the braking and turning points and where best to apply the power and come out the corners.

Treat yourselves to this this approximately six mile supercar driving experience and live out a real supercar dream.

Only 95.00

Supercar Driving Gifts

This approximately six mile two driver supercar experience is also available as a gift voucher to be redeemed for a convenient date at a nearby circuit. This means whoever you buy this for, you can keep it as surprise gift in the knowledge they will be able to use it at a convenient date and place to suit themselves.