Lotus Exige Blast

Lotus Exige on track

Drive a Lotus Exige for 3 miles.

Lotus sports cars have always been an enigma of design. Stunning looks were always led with an engineering priority of “light weight” and therefore improved power to weight.

This not only makes a Lotus accelerate faster than cars of similar size and power, but also delivers benefits in cornering and handling. And this is another area that the late and great Colin Chapman excelled in and insisted upon.

Times have moved on but this desire for fast accelerating and deft handling sports cars has gone up a level into the supercar bracket with the Lotus Exige V6 350.

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There’s an even cheaper way to drive for less. By buying a weekday voucher or booking onto a weekday driving event, you can beat the crowds and save money.

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Lotus Exige Blast Weekday


This driving experience is also available as a gift for a loved one. Redeeming a voucher is simple so whoever receives the gift can easily select a date and venue that suits them and get ready for a real driving thrill in this stunning Lotus.