Lotus Elise Taster

Cheap lotus driving. Drive a Lotus Sports Car

Cheap Lotus driving experience for 1 mile

This cheap Lotus driving experience is your chance to get behind the wheel of a real drivers car. Real drivers praise the Elise with good reason. Everything about the car is designed to test the driver. And at only a few pounds this is the least expensive way to drive a real Lotus Elise without breaking the bank.

The Elise ‘Taster’ experience gets you behind the wheel of a Lotus Elise 111r for a 1 mile (approx) driving experience where you will see for yourself what a real drivers car feels like and what allt he fuss is about when it comes to Lotus Sports cars

Only £15


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Blue elise used for a cheap lotus driving experience, mid corner

But at only £15 don’t think this is just a cheap Lotus driving experience. This Lotus Experience may cost less than other driving experiences, but it is one of the most rewarding days you can have.

The Lotus Elise is at the very pinnacle of driving machines. A car that will test drivers, giving you the opportunity to get more and more experience. But always in a car that shows you precisely what is happening at all four corners of the chassis. No computer, no gadgets, no toys or tricks. Just you, that car and the road.

Of course with such a precision driving instrument, correct maintenance is essential, as such all our cars are superbly maintained and respond precisely as intended. All instruction is delivered by expert driving instructors / race drivers making your experience will be as safe as can be.

Call the office on 0800 9993212 or book online.

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