Lotus Elise Hot Lap Taster

Driver and instructor in a Lotus sports car drivng experience at Blyton Park

1 Mile Passenger Hot Lap in a Lotus Elise

We can’t all drive performance cars straight off.  It takes some getting used to, skill, experience, training and of course a fundamental knowledge of what a car can deliver.

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This Lotus Elise hot lap passenger experience is not only extremely good fun but is also a brilliant way to see first hand what the wonderful Lotus Elise is capable of in the hands of a properly trained driver.

Our trained Lotus test driver will take you round track or our coned circuit and show you how the nippy acceleration and deft handling are used to thread this car so quickly around a track, out performing other sports cars with ease in both speed and sheer fun. A passenger lap that will change your perception.

This cheap Lotus experience can be purchased on the day, in advance or as a gift for a loved one.