Lotus Elise Hot Lap Blast

lotus elise passenger lap experience

3 Mile Passenger Hot Lap in a Lotus Elise

Elise Hot Lap Blast experience is a passenger experience of 3 x blisteringly fast laps in a Lotus Elise.

Driving a performance car properly takes skill and experience. It also takes some idea of what a car like the Lotus Elise is capable of at the limit, and this is not something most drivers can discover safely.

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There’s an even cheaper way to drive for less. By buying a weekday voucher or booking onto a weekday driving event, you can beat the crowds and save money.

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Lotus Elise Hot Lap Blast Weekday

Well this is not something you will have to worry about. Our trained Lotus test driver will take you or the gift recipient round track or one of our coned circuits, deftly demonstrating how acceleration and handling are married and used to navigate a car so easily around a track. Faster and safer. Real performance driving.

After this experience you or the lucky passenger will be in no doubt as to what cars like the Elise are capable of. These experiences are also extremely entertaining and afterwards you almost can’t believe what you have seen and felt and will be a talking point for days.

You can also be rest assured that our test drivers are extremely skilled and that the cars in our fleet are maintained correctly and properly prepared for such extreme driving.

This cheap experience can be purchased on the day, in advance or as a gift for a loved one.