Lotus Elise Blast

lotus elise blast

Drive Three Miles in a Lotus Elise 111r

The Elise is an undisputed triumph in motoring engineering and this Lotus Elise driving experience gives you the chance to drive this amazing car for approximately three miles on a track or coned circuit.

Since its launch in 1996 this nimble little sports car has become synonymous with a true no frills driving experiences, capably delivered through a mixture of considerable power and extremely light weight. One of the reasons for the Elise’s stunning handling is its light-weight. The all aluminium chassis and fibre glass body provide a stiff and lightweight body similar to that of an F1 car. This focus on light weight helps the car handle wonderfully and carry speed through corners with unbelievable grip. And whatever is going on at the wheels, you will feel at the steering wheel and through the seat.  This car has a stunning appearance which mixed with Go-Kart makes it a real performance car.

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There’s an even cheaper way to drive for less. By buying a weekday voucher or booking onto a weekday driving event, you can beat the crowds and save money.

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In fact that the Lotus Elise is often a gateway car for drivers wanting to learn true performance handling. So if you want to get serious about driving, this is the car and this is the experience, available across the UK in various locations as a book-able driving day or as an experience gift voucher.

Get ready to feel the rush of the Lotus Elise which blends superb handling with an exhilarating ride. Its power to weight ratio is amazing and it gives the supercars a good run for their money.

Experience Megastore’s Lotus Elise driving day experiences takes place at four locations throughout the United Kingdom, but always check for availability as the Lotuses are very popular.

All experiences are held in safe open areas where drivers can safely test Lotus in a fun, safe environment under the care of our highly trained and experienced instructors.


Our Lotus Elise Blast makes the perfect gift for loved ones. Experience Megastore have many  options priced to suit all budgets including 1 to 3 lap passenger experiences as well. All of these can be purchased as vouchers to be redeemed on site at a later date.

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