Audi R8 vs Lamborghini Thrill

Blue Lamborghini driving experience

Two different supercars with two different approaches. But which is better?

Opinions will always be divided on this pairing. But thats why the Audi R8 vs Lamborghini thrill is a great day out and stunning gift.

The Lamborghini comes from an Italian stable full of striking lines and passion, evolving over decades to produce the perfect supercar that looks like its doing 150mph while it’s still parked.

Then theres the Audi R8. A modern supercar and a very common choice for its performance, reliability and staggering usability, all created by one of the greatest car manufacturers in the World.

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Once you’ve had a chance to drive the two cars back to back, you will know which one you’ll prefer. And you might surprise yourself because both these supercars are now so popular it is difficult to say which is better, it all depends on you.

But just from their looks you can see the Lamborghini is steeped in dramatic design ethos, looking like a spaceship. Where the Audi is all about clinical delivery. Either way, both will surprise, but neither will disappoint.

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Audi R8 used for the Audi R8 vs Lamborghini Thrill

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