Ferrari and Lamborghini Blast

Black Lamborghini and Black Ferrari Together

Drive a Ferrari and a Lamborghini for 3 miles in each

Ferrari and Lamborghini have always been rivals since the days Ferruccio Lamborghini decided complained to Enzo Ferrari about the troublesome clutch in his racing Ferrari which he ended up repairing using a tractor part. Enzo didn’t like this and told Ferruccio he didn’t know anything about cars. The next year in 1963, Lamborghini was born and, with it, an age old supercar rivalry between the two Italian companies. Both very striking designs, both undeniable supercars that demand the attention of onlookers but both quite different, especially today.


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This makes the Ferrari and Lamborghini Blast and its big brother experience the Ferrari and Lamborghini Thrill two of the most popular and cost effective supercar experiences there is, to test the infamous Lamborghini against the prancing horse of Modena and decide for yourself which of these most beautiful cars would get your vote.

Take this Blast Experience and drive each car for three miles and decide who’s right.