Lamborghini Blast

Lamborghini is one of the World’s most famous of exotic cars and has been at the very pinnacle of motoring exotica and the stuff of dreams for generations. Old and young car drivers yearn to set foot and rear in this iconic exotic supercar. Yet we rarely see one on the road.

Dream no more. This cheap Lamborghini Experience lets you blast round a circuit and get to feel the reality of the Lamborghini marque without breaking the bank.

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Our Three Mile (Approx) ‘Lamborghini Driving Experience

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of driving experience days, offering a variety of cars and options.  This cheap ‘Lamborghini Blast’ experience lets the driver test one of our wonderful V10 Lamborghini Gallardo supercars for approximately three miles.

Thrill seekers taking on this challenge will drive get to handle one of the most desirable supercars ever made, experiencing the responsive handling, glorious noise and phenomenal acceleration of the Lamborghini.

Drivers leave the track with a smile on their face and with rare first hand knowledge of what it is like to be behind the wheel of such an iconic supercar and drive it properly, in the right environment.

Prepare yourself for a thrilling bucket-list day in the form of our ‘Lamborghini Blast‘ driving experience. Put a Lamborghini to the test on one of our coned circuit or tracks across the UK.