Junior Lamborghini Driving Taster

Kids Lamborghini Driving

Britain’s Favourite Kids Lamborghini Driving Experience

How many kids can tell their friends they have had a fast drive in a Lamborghini on a race circuit? This Kids Lamborghini Driving Experiences is a real treat for any junior supercar fan.

Experience Megastore take great delight is providing cheap junior and kids Lamborghini driving experience days and creating amazing childhood memories.

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Our ‘Junior Lamborghini Taster’ is a fantastic starting point for any young enthusiast who wants to experience a real supercar. This experience is designed for kids and juniors. We ensure your little one can safely enjoy one of the most elegant and desired supercars ever made.

Needless to say, this is very popular driving experience.

This one lap event is an inexpensive gift suitable for birthdays or as a special treat. As you should expect, it takes place under the expert tutelage of a test driver trained in teaching juniors the ropes of a real Lamborghini.

Our in-car instructors are highly experienced test drivers in their own right. Also our entire supercar fleet, Lamborghinis included, are correctly maintained. This ensures your little one’s Lamborghini lap is not only safe, but also as enjoyable as as possible.

If you give your youngsters this day to remember they will take part in an extremely experience which they won’t be able to stop talking about for weeks.

Kids Lamborghini Driving

Hot Laps Available

We also provide ‘supercar hot lap experiences’, which are suitable for both junior drivers and parents. This is where we show you the cars in the hands of a professional test driver.

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