Junior Ferrari Taster

Junior Ferrari Driver

Kids Ferrari Driving Experience

How many children get to drive a Ferrari? Not many, but a great many would love to.

Only £20


Is this a Gift?

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The Experience Megastore “Junior Ferrari Taster” experience is designed to give juniors and teenagers (twelve and over) the chance to enjoy the definitive supercar and feel just what it does.

This makes the day out a delight and thrill for our customers. This dat to be remembered is also very low cost. This means parents give their children a fantastic Ferrari driving day without breaking the bank.

Is it a present or a reword for exams or a school report? Either way this cheap Ferrari driving experience is the stuff of dreams for children. It is a superb and inexpensive gift, or special treat.

This particular junior supercar experience gives young car drivers one lap in this Ferrari under the expert tutelage of one of our test drivers.

Your child’s lap is not only enjoyable but also safe safe as they are guided through the course by our instructors who are not only highly experienced, but sometimes racing or test drivers in their own right. All supercars, Ferraris included, are maintained to the very highest of mechanical standards.

Give your kids a day to remember in this enjoyable experience that they won’t stop talking.

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