Supercar Passenger Blast

Two supercars ready for driving or passenger hot laps

Experience Megastore run a full fleet of incredible supercars fot hot passenger laps, demonstrating their bonkers handling and rapid acceleration.

Passenger hot lap experience

With such a selection, choosing which super car to go out in for a round of barmy passenger hot laps in will be the hardest thing you have to do all day. But not that hard as most people have a favourite supercar, and we have all the favourites.

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Once that big decision is over, we’ll take you out on the supercar passenger hot laps ride of your life, showing you the full extent of the car’s performance in three miles that you will enjoy every second of. And of course, you’ll be in the care of a professional racing driver who knows exactly how to drive the car and stay safe.

The eye-widening acceleration, extraordinary grip and the crazy exhilaration will excite you as your perceptions are completely changed about true performance driving.  

Don’t forget, all our test drivers are highly experienced and all of our supercars correctly maintained. As such you can be sure this passenger experience is not only safe, but also enormously enjoyable.

This also makes an excellent add on to any of our existing experiences, making it a day to remember! We arrange this experience as a day for yourself or as a gift to give to a loved one. Call the main office now or buy securely online.