Ariel Atom Passenger 2 Laps

Customer in an Atom Passenger Experience

Be driven by a racing driver in an Ariel Atom two lap taster

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Every so often a car comes along and changes the way we think. Usually these cars are sports cars or track cars. At the time, only a few people recognise the significance. They seem unusual or without purpose. Then, ultimately when the true purpose of that car is understood, it becomes a classic and an icon.

The Ariel Atom is one very much such a vehicle.No doors, no roof and no compromises. If you bought one you won’t do your shopping in it, or give lifts.  You probably won’t take it out for the evening. What you will do, is drive it.

With the Atom, in a design sense, form follows function, leading to a shape that has a particularly specific purpose.   It’s unique, original and nothing else comes even remotely close in terms of looks and performance.

Using the best in race car engineering technology, with quality components the Atom easily outclasses every car in its field. And in terms of pure performance, the Atom leaves everything else standing in its thunderous wake. By that, we mean practically any vehicle…. yes any….. yes, even hyper-cars.

If you want a car for serious motor sport or ultimate thrills, the Atom delivers.

Of course piloting a car like this takes experience. Unfortunately the Ariel Atom is not available for customers to drive but is instead offered to the those who wish to experience what the more extreme end of motor sport is like as a hot passenger lap Atom experience, piloted by a real test driver. 

The activity takes place at a choice of airfields/circuits – the perfect places to experience the freedom of these track cars.

Have your horizons expanded around our coned circuit or tracks in the UK. With mind blowing power and performance this will give you a real insight of performance motor sport.


Its not just the grown ups who get to enjoy our Ariel Atom.

We provide this hot lap experience for juniors and teenagers as well, often as a birthday gift or a special surprise from parents or relatives. Of course, we take full care of your youngsters and are fully trained and equipped.