Ferrari vs Aston Martin Thrill

Ferrari vs Aston MArtin

Which is better, the Ferrari or Aston Martin.

If you’ve wondered what the difference is between the Aston Martin and Ferrari, then this if your opportunity to test and decide which is the better supercar, or at least, better for you.

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Will is be the British Aston Martin? A gentlemen’s supercar capable of staggering performance in refined comfort. Or will you prefer the visceral Italian Ferrari ? A car that has graced every stage a car could possibly be seen from bedroom walls to movies, from chic city surroundings to the world’s most famous racing circuits.

What ever you do, you can be assured this 12 mile (approx) driving experience will answer that burning question, and that during the experience you will be in the most capable hands you can imagine, that of a trained instructor or racing driver.

Drive both for 6 miles in each and decide for yourself.