Ferrari Blast

Drive a Supercar customer enjoying a black Ferrari Driving experience

Our Ferrari driving ‘Blast’ Experience is a Ferrari experience which lets lucky experience goers try out either our wonderful Ferrari 360 Modena or the amazing Ferrari F430 (shown).

Drive a Ferrari for three miles

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There’s an even cheaper way to drive for less. By buying a weekday voucher or booking onto a weekday driving event, you can beat the crowds and save money.

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Experience goers get to test their chosen Ferrari with expert instruction and of course in the safety of one of our professional locations, driving the car for approximately three miles.

The second drivers climb in they will feel real anticipation. The classic Italian cars both show beautiful design and form and their mere shape gives drivers a good idea of what is to come.

Take hold of the wheel and press that engine start button. A very special driving experience is about to start with sheer power rumbling up through the car and the smallest of movements on the gas pedal letting you know that whichever Ferrari you chose, it will be a very special day. 

Of course you will be in the hands of drivers with real experience in this marque, showing you the ropes and of course all our supercars, including the F430 and 360 Modena are correctly maintained to the highest of standards. 

Your driving experience will not only be safe, but also enormously enjoyable with you being shown where to brake, turn and accelerate around the circuit

Why not choose your Ferrari and test it out on one of our UK circuits. 

Available as a Gift Voucher

This “Ferrari Blast” driving experience is also available as a gift for a loved one, where you can buy a voucher to be redeemed on a convenient date, at a nearby circuit, meaning you can buy it knowing the lucky recipient will be able to enjoy it at their leisure.

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Our Ferraris are extremely popular supercars and many of our customers are keen to test them out. Once you have purchased your experience and decided on a date, try to book up early.