Driving Megadeal B

Ten Supercar Driving Experience

Drive ten supercars in one day : Experience Megastore have packaged this Ten Supercar Driving Experience together to offer the ultimate experience and savings, giving our drivers the opportunity to sample as many cars as is reasonably possible in one day and at a reasonable cost. 

Only £409


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This discount driving experience puts some of the very best elements together in a single package to let you test all 10supercars you choose for approximately three miles each, and get three passenger hot laps.

You choose 10supercars from our fleet.  That is ten highly powerful cars that you get to select for yourself and test for approximately three miles on the track, under the expert guidance of one of our performance driving instructors.  With ten to choose from you can go to town a little more and have a field day in our Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches etc… The fleet really is extensive,.

Then you get led out to the first car. A tip for the day is to save your favourites to last, by which time you will be more than familiar with the circuit.


Not enough excitement for one day? ..  We thought not too so, after a light lunch, you will be taken out onto the circuit for three very hot passenger laps.  Do not take this lightly.  This is where you see first hand what these cars are truly capable of.

Our professional test driver will show you just what a real sports car in the hands of a skilled driver can achieve, in complete safety.