BMW i8 Blast

BMW i8 Driving

Drive a BMW i8 Hybrid Supercar for 3 Miles

Not too many cars are as striking as this, and now is your chance to drive a BMW i8. A futuristic electric car with superb performance and stunning looks normally associated with prototypes.

This experience takes place under the expert instruction of one of our professional test drivers on a professional track. Participants will properly Drive a BMW i8 and see the cars performance, handling. You’ll get a good idea of what it would be like to own one.

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There’s an even cheaper way to drive for less. By buying a weekday voucher or booking onto a weekday driving event, you can beat the crowds and save money.

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BMW i8 Blast Weekday

Raising the gull-wing door and climbing in is the first point where drivers see what a special car this is. And being electric this only adds to what is a space age experience. The power delivery is instant, propelling participants to 60 mph in only 4.4 seconds. This carries on to a top speed of 155mph.

As with all Experience Megastore driving days, you’ll see how safe enjoyable and memorable it is. The chance to drive a BMW i8 adds to the day. While you acclimatise to the supercar handling and acceleration with with the unique characteristics of the electric motor.


Our “BMW i8 Blast” experience is also available as a gift voucher. This means you can give loved one a gift to remember forever.

Lady about to drive a BMW i8

How it works is you buy a voucher and simply give it to you recipient. The lucky driver then simply redeems it online for a convenient date, at a circuit to suit them. This ensures that you can buy this driving gift safe in the knowledge the driver will get to use it at their leisure.


The BMW i8 is a new car, and a new concept. It is also extremely striking in appearance. As you would expect this driving experience is therefore very popular with ,any drivers and supercar enthusiasts keen to test one in an environment where they can see how she handles.  As such, once you have bought your experience it makes sense to plan early and book your slot sooner rather than later.


This particular experience is valid for participants wanting to attend on a weekend as well as a weekday. Many of our customers find this very convenient. If weekends suit you more, why not check your weekend availability and book on to drive the i8. You can also choose the lower cost option above and book onto a weekday in advance.