Audi R8 vs Ferrari Thrill

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Which is Best? The Audi R8 or the Ferrari F430

It’s time to decide who makes the better modern supercar in the Audi R8 vs Ferrari Thrill. You get to decide if you prefer the clinical Audi R8 or the passionate Ferrari F430. This is your chance to drive both supercars back to back and decide for yourself which one to fall in love with. And this is no easy decision. Both cars offer startling performance and have the precision you should expect from a 21st century supercar. But what will it be, the precision of the german Audi, or the drama of the Ferrari.

Take the challenge and decide for yourself. Or send a loved on along with a gift voucher.

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It’s fair to say that both these supercars are now so popular it is difficult to say which is better by merely talking to supercar fans. And just looking at them you can see they were designed to deliver the same, but in a very different character. Either way, both will surprise, but neither will disappoint. And you may go home having fallen in love with the underdog in your personal comparison.

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This experience is an ideal birthday gift for men and women, but also young driving enthusiasts so long as they are over 12 years old and 5ft tall. Just buy the gift voucher for them to redeem online to book a date that suits them.

Audi R8 vs Ferrari

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