Audi R8 vs Aston Martin Thrill

Drive an Audi R8 on track

Drive them both & decide which is best.

Both modern supercars, ferocious and elegant and with exceptional acceleration and performance, yet both very different. Its time for the Audi R8 vs Aston Martin challenge When you arrive at the circuit we will allocate you a time slot in each car which are extremely different to each other, even if on paper they may seem the same. on this experience you get to enjoy six miles (approx) in each car. Easily enough to work out the difference between the two and decide for yourself which one you prefer.

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The clinical German Audi R8 from Germany delivers reliable supercar performance in a two seater form. its fast, loud and and incredibly usable car. Match this against the British Aston Martin. An elegant GT car that leaves the competition standing with its ferocity and sheer elegance.

Both supercar brands have their fans. Now it’s your turn to drive them both for 6 miles each and decide for yourself which camp will you are in. Do you prefer the clinical German precision or the Extreme quality fo the British ASton.

Aston Martin at North Weald for the Audi R8 vs Aston Martin Thrill.