Ferrari and Aston Martin Blast

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Ever wondered what driving an Aston Martin or a Ferrari would be like? Many people dream of such a supercar experiences, and for a good reason. Because they are incredible…. Now imagine you’re getting a go in both, covering three miles in EACH car

Ferrari’s prancing horse is one of the most famous brands in the motor industry and in particular sports and supercars, with a history envied by other manufacturers. Driving a Ferrari is often seen as a life goal for many people


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As famous for their V8 or V12 engine cars, as they are for their Formula One successes, Ferrari have dominated the top of the sports and super car market for over 70 years. Making classic supercars like the 250GT California and 246GTS Dino, brutally fast V8s like the 308 GT, F355, F430 and F458, and powerful V12 supercars such as the 512BB, Testarossa and Scagletti, all of course are notoriously expensive to buy and maintain.

Safe to say, owning and driving any Ferrari has been the exclusive pass-time of the rich and famous for over 50 years. At Experience Megastore we let our customers jump in our Ferrari F430 and 360 Modena supercars for a driving experience unlike any other. Fast, visceral and with extraordinary handling.

Then theres the Aston Martin. the preserve of the British Gentleman and am altogether different supercar. Poised, high performing, but refined.

Which will you prefer?