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Cheap Supercar Driving for 1 Mile

Want a cheap supercar driving day to live our your supercar fantasy without breaking the bank?

This inexpensive supercar driving experience lets the driver choose one supercar from our fleet of exceptionally well maintained cars and take it for a lap of one of our tracks or coned circuits. This is the cheapest supercar driving experience available in the UK, still run by the nations leading professionals.

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Although this is a cheap supercar driving day we still deliver the full experience, starting with you arriving at the circuit with the supercars in full view. Here you will get to see which one you prefer in the flesh and the excitement will start to build.

Cheap Supercar Driving Days, but not cheap cars

It could be one of the ferocious Ferrari’s or a dramatic Lamborghini. You might prefer the German Porsche 911 Turbo or Audi R8, or the British Aston Martin or Lotus Exige 350S.

cheap supercar driving days

After selecting your supercar of choice you will be taken to the safety briefing. Next our on-site crew will explain a little about the cars and how they operate. This in itself is great fun as you will hear different things about the various cars and the realities of running them. Quite the eye opener.

From the moment you climb into your chosen car, our instructor will show you how to handle the car and get the most from your experience. You will be shown how to put the power down, where to brake and at what point to turn. After your 1 mile taster you will have a much greater understanding of what it is like to live with a real supercar.