Sports Car Blast & Taster

Drive a Sports Car

Drive a sports car for either 1 or 3 miles

This is your chance to drive a sports car like the Lotus Elise or Porsche Boxster. Choose either the Sports Car Blast for three miles or Sports Car Taster for one mile.

The Sports Car Blast is a 3 mile experience, designed to give a little more wheel time and become more familiar. This also represents great value and saves money per mile compared to the taster. We find that this experience is very popular and people want to carry on for even longer.

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There’s an even cheaper way to drive for less. By buying a weekday voucher or booking onto a weekday driving event, you can beat the crowds and save money.

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Sports Car Blast Weekday

The Sports Car Taster is a low cost 1 mile experience, designed to allow drivers to try a sports car. This is a great way of letting someone have a driving experience for less and ‘get their feet wet’.

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Sports Cars vs Supercars : Why drive a sports car?

These two types of cars differ in many ways, not to mention their price & running costs. Sports cars are usually more focussed towards leisure and enjoyment with some being particularly focussed towards highly skilled driving techniques. This includes pin sharp handling and having a manual gearbox to practice handling through clutch control. The range of sports cars on offer is wide including most two seater convertibles of varying power and performance.

Our fleet includes two of the more serious sports cars available, the Lotus Elise and the Porsche Boxster. While different, both of these sports cars are loved by motoring enthusiasts. The Lotus is a very raw, stripped out track experience and the Porsche being a more refined drive.

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Drive a Lotus Sports Car
Lotus Elise 111r as used in our Sports Car Blast and Taster

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