Driving / Rally - Mini Cooper S Prodrive - Thrill

Rally - Mini Cooper S Prodrive - Thrill

Rally - Mini Cooper S Prodrive - Thrill
Rally Driving - Mini Cooper S ProDrive Thrill

Drive 18 Miles in a Mini Cooper S Prodrive Rally Car.

All courses will start with a quick safety briefing to run you through the expectations of your experience, you will then get helmeted up and called to your car. Your Instructor will introduce their-self and the car and throughout your experience will be there to answer any questions. Your first lap will give you time to acquaint yourself with the track and how to find your line to guide you through the cones and tyres. Then it will be your turn to shine.


Available venues

Langley Park Rally School

Langley Park Rally School

6 lap

Langley Park Rally School offer adrenaline fuelled rally days that will get your heart racing and your blood pumping. We are a family run business based in the idyllic Essex countryside, our rally school is set in beautiful grounds and is the perfect location for a day out for the whole family. Our experience days are suitable for beginners and experienced drivers alike. We have an array of top of the range rally cars and our professional rally drivers are here to push you to your limits and ensure you have a day you won’t forget.

More info about Langley Park Rally School

1. Bookings may only be made by, and participation in the course is only allowed for holders of a full UK driving licence, juniors except.

2. A booking will be made in your name upon receipt of a completed and signed booking form and receipt of a valid voucher.

3. Telephone bookings please quote voucher code and expiry date.

4. No refunds will be given for vouchers not redeemed before the expiry date.

5. In the event of your non-attendance at the course booked, for whatever reason, the voucher will cease to be valid. Unless we receive notice of cancellation from you not less than 21 working days before the course date.

6. We reserve the right to cancel the course in which event an alternative date will be offered. The expiry date of the voucher will be extended by such period as we shall consider reasonable in the circumstances. No refund will be given if we cancel the course.

7. In the event that we should decide that the course is not able to continue for any reason including, but not limited to, mechanical problems with the course vehicle, we will offer you an alternative date for your participation on the course.

8. We reserve the right to alter the programme for, and the content of, any course.

9. You will comply with our directions and instructions at all times during the course and we reserve the right to prevent your participation, at any time, in the course if you fail to do so and/or if we do not consider your behaviour to be reasonable or responsible and/or we consider you unfit to drive for reasons of health or consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.

10. Before participation on the course, you (and if you are aged under 18, your parent or guardian) will be required to sign a form of Declaration and Indemnity in the form annexed. Without signing this you will be unable to take part.

11. You may, by prior arrangement and agreement with us, be accompanied on the course by third parties who may spectate only, provided they sign a Spectator's Undertaking and Indemnity.

12. Helmets will be provided and it is compulsory that they be worn at all times whilst driving or being driven on the course.

13. Third Party Public Liability Insurance is provided in respect of your participation in the course Personal Accident Insurance can also be arranged by prior agreement for an additional fee.

14. Pets are not permitted on Langley Park Rally School's premises.

15. If in the case that our courses are fully booked and your voucher is due to expire then there will be a charge for extension of your voucher so that you can be booked in on our next available date or course alternations will be made.

16. We recommend booking at least 3 weeks prior to the event date you wish as dates can fill quickly. If your voucher is due to expire then a booking should be made a month before expiry.

17. Refunds - will only be issued for vouchers within 14 days of purchase.

18. Customers are insured to drive the cars but they are liable to the excess payment (£5000) if any claim needs to be made. A waiver indemnity can be purchased at the cost of £25.00.

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