Driving / Ariel Atom Passenger Blast Experience

Ariel Atom Passenger Blast Experience

Ariel Atom Passenger Blast Experience
Have a Blast in an Atom

Periodically a car comes onto the market which changes the way we think about driving. Very few people recognise it at first, then, suddenly, it becomes iconic.

The Ariel Atom is such a car. This Ariel Atom experience is the best way to see what this car can truly achieve.

With no doors or roof this car is unique, original striking, and, to the trained driver, obviously un-compromised.  For sheer acceleration and grip, nothing comes close. Nothing at all, because this car is a pure manifestation of form following function with a design purpose in mind of performance.

Using race car design engineering and high-quality components, this car outclasses every car in its field, punching well above its weight.

In performance the Atom surpasses practically any vehicle. Serious motor sport or ultimate fun, the Atom delivers and cars ten times the price struggle to thrill quite like this does, or keep up.

Driving a car like this takes experience, real experience. Sadly, this car is not available for you to drive yourself, but the brave-of-heart can book up for some extremely hot passenger laps in our Ariel Atom, piloted by a seasoned test driver.

This is where your eyes are truly opened.

This three hot-lap passenger experience takes place at a choice of airfields/circuits - the perfect places to experience the freedom of these crazy track cars.

Let us thrill you to the more extreme levels of motor sport enjoyment as you are driven around our coned circuit or tracks in the UK.

Mind blowing power and performance.


Its not just the grown ups who get to enjoy the Atom. We provide this passenger experience for juniors and teenagers as well, often as a birthday gift or a special surprise from parents or relatives. Of course, we take full care of your youngsters and are fully trained and equipped.


Available venues

Blyton Park

Carlisle - Kirkbride Airfield

East Fortune (EF)

Ibrox - Glasgow

Llandow Circuit

North Weald

Blyton Park

3 lap

Originally a World War II RAF station, the venue has been modified since 2011 to now be an amazing race track with technical corners and features and largely tarmac run-off areas. We have cones laid out to guide you through the best lines of this amazing race track.

More info about Blyton Park

Carlisle - Kirkbride Airfield

3 lap

Kirkbride Airfield conveniently located just outside Carlisle is a spectacular site. Historically opened in 1939 and owned by the RAF until 1960, the runway is perfect for a fast flowing, technical and tremendously entertaining coned and kerbed circuit developed by our northern track design team, Andy Gordon & Scott Robson (both current racing drivers/instructors) . With a main straight/runway some 1.2kms long  there is ample room for the experience customer to witness the awesome performance of our Supercar fleet in complete safety.

It's probably one of the most picturesque airfields in the UK situated in the North West corner of Cumbria, with  the imposing fells of the Lake District to the East and the Solway heritage coast on the West. Easy to find, just 9 miles west of Carlisle it makes an ideal location for your Supercar adventure.

More info about Carlisle - Kirkbride Airfield

East Fortune (EF)

3 lap

Our circuit at East Fortune is based on the old airfield, right next to the Museum of flight. Approximately 25 minutes from Edinburgh heading east along the A1 is very easy to find if you follow the signs for the Museum of flight.

This large facility allows us to set out a challenging yet safe track for you to come and enjoy the driving experience.

Corners of varying difficulty and tightness will allow you to assess the handling of the cars while the back-straight allows you to relax and enjoy the power of these awesome vehicles, in a very safe environment.

Please try not to look at the old RAF bombers and other aeroplanes in the background while concentrating on driving the cars! It truly is a beautiful part of the country.

More info about East Fortune (EF)

Ibrox - Glasgow

3 lap

It has taken us 7 years to find a venue in Glasgow to run our Supercar Driving Experiences, but finally we have done it!

Located near Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, our experience track is created in a massive car park. With corners, straights, hairpins and chicanes, you’ll be amazed at how the Supercar team can transform a big wide open space into a track you can drive our supercars around.

Our Glasgow circuit is just over 1 mile long, and great fun.

Another highlight of “The Albion Circuit” is its fantastic proximity to Glasgow and public transport. You can use the transport infrastructure to get to Ibrox.

More info about Ibrox - Glasgow

Llandow Circuit

3 lap

Our purpose built circuit at Llandow is located between Swansea and Cardiff in South Wales, near the towns of Cowbridge and Llantwit Major on a former World War II airfield.

More info about Llandow Circuit

North Weald

3 lap

North Weald is our closest circuit to London located just North of the M25. In 1916 an airfield site was built and years later it’s now the Southern home to our Driver Training offerings. Our coned airfield circuit allows you to experience the exhilaration of our cars in a fun environment.

More info about North Weald

Passengers can be of any age, but must bring their own booster seats if required.

Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Driving license not required.

Though every effort is taken to ensure an Ariel Atom is available on the day, should there be any mechanical failure an alternative Supercar of a higher value will be offered.

Car choices are subject to availability on the day.

Clients are advised to wear flat shoes and warm clothing.

Sessions available from 08:30 to 15:00 on selected dates. Runs all year around.

14 Day cancellation policy once date is booked.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months.

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