Driving / American Muscle Car Taster Experience

American Muscle Car Taster Experience

American Muscle Car Taster Experience

This cheap muscle car driving experience is your chance for you to drive two iconic American Muscle Cars back to back.

The aggressive Chevrolet Camaro's V8-powered 6.2L power plant pumps your adrenaline to the max, delivering extreme performance, horsepower, torque and handling, in the body of a statement-making design you simply can't take your eyes off.

Conversely, the classic Ford Mustang GT is one of the most popular muscle cars in American history with a 5L V8 engine that never lets you forget it's there. There is a good reason this car has been used in so many films from Steve McQueen's 'Bullitt' to 'Transformers'.

This American driving experience is held at a choice of airfields and coned circuits across the UK, which will always be the perfect places to test these muscle cars and get a taste of the American dream.

Put their mind blowing power and performance tot he test, which will be your favourite?


It's not just the adults who enjoy our Muscle cars. We often provide Muscle Car driving experiences for juniors and teenagers, often as a birthday gift or a special surprise from parents or relatives.

Of course, our instructors are fully trained and equipped to provide driving experiences to young car drivers and will take full care of your youngsters.


This Muscle Car Taster experience is available as a gift voucher to be redeemed on a convenient date at a nearby circuit. Treat someone special to the most memorable of driving experiences


Why not put our Muscle Cars to the test see for yourself why these great touring cars have been loved by Americans for generations.

Remember, this experience is also available as a gift for a loved one, where you can buy a voucher to be redeemed on a convenient date at a nearby circuit.


Available venues

Crail Raceway

East Fortune

Hooton Park

North Weald

Crail Raceway

1 lap

Crail Raceway

More info about Crail Raceway

East Fortune

1 lap

Our circuit at East Fortune is based on the old airfield, right next to the Museum of flight. Approximately 25 minutes from Edinburgh heading east along the A1 is very easy to find if you follow the signs for the Museum of flight.

This large facility allows us to set out a challenging yet safe track for you to come and enjoy the driving experience.

Corners of varying difficulty and tightness will allow you to assess the handling of the cars while the back-straight allows you to relax and enjoy the power of these awesome vehicles, in a very safe environment.

Please try not to look at the old RAF bombers and other aeroplanes in the background while concentrating on driving the cars! It truly is a beautiful part of the country.

More info about East Fortune

Hooton Park

1 lap

Hooton Park Circuit was constructed in 2006 on the site of the old Hooton Airfield near Ellesmere Port. The track is to R.A.C Motor Sports Association standard and holds race meetings regularly. 

More info about Hooton Park

North Weald

1 lap

North Weald is our closest circuit to London located just North of the M25. In 1916 an airfield site was built and years later it’s now the Southern home to our Driver Training offerings. Our coned airfield circuit allows you to experience the exhilaration of our cars in a fun environment.

More info about North Weald

Drivers must be 12 or older and a minimum of 5ft.

Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult.

Driving license not required.

We reserve the right to refuse customers deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Clients are advised to wear flat shoes and warm clothing.

Sessions available from 08:30 to 15:00 on selected dates. Runs all year around.

14 Day cancellation policy once date is booked.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months.

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