Adventure / Hovercraft Experience - Training and 5 laps

Hovercraft Experience - Training and 5 laps

Hovercraft Experience - Training and 5 laps

Fun like nothing else, this  hovercraft driving experience gives lucky adventurers both training and orientation in piloting a hovercraft, then 5 laps of the circuit.

The briefing includes instruction on how to start, stop and steer the hovercraft, mastering basic manoeuvres, including making the hovercraft perform what is the equivalent to a car's hand-brake turn, but on air!

Once you have successfully passed the training stage, you’ll get to drive (fly really) our hovercraft around 5 air cushioned laps of our circuit!  This is an incredible, yet extremely unusual feeling as you do not feel the bumps of the ground.

If you are not successful in completing the training, don't worry. You will still get your five laps but you will be accompanied around the course by one of our instructors. This is for your own safety and also enjoyment.

This voucher can also be used at any time including weekends and bank holidays.

So why not check your calendar (or the availability of the lucky gift recipient) and book yourself up on this low cost hovercraft experience of a lifetime?

And remember of course, all our instructors are experts in their own fields and all our equipment and vehicles are checked for reliability and safety. So you can be rest assured that when the day comes, you are in for a treat like no other.


Available venues

Blyton Park


North Weald

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