Adventure / Hovercraft Experience - Training and 10 laps

Hovercraft Experience - Training and 10 laps

Hovercraft Experience - Training and 10 laps
Float on air!

This experience gives the recipient a chance to pilot a real hovercraft for 10 laps (after an initial orientation and training session).

Most of us have always wondered what it would be like to drive (actually fly) a real hovercraft, controlling this incredible craft supported only by a pocket of air.  This is your chance to get behind the controls of a single seater hovercraft and get to grips with the unique sensation of frictionless motion and with the unique handling characteristics of a hovercraft.

After your briefing, learn how to start, stop and the basic manoeuvring including the hovercraft equivalent of a handbrake turn whilst floating on air! Then, experience 10 laps around our circuit! If you've successfully passed the training stage, you'll go out on your own for these laps, otherwise you'll be accompanied by one of our instructors.

This voucher can be used for any session on any day, including weekends and bank holidays.

Remember to read the terms and conditions to ensure you have the the most enjoyable and memorable experience imaginable.


Available venues

Blyton Park


North Weald

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